We won't name names, but a few tongues have been wagging about the Boulder Writers' Workshop and its programs.

Okay, we'll name names. Who are we to go off the record?

Jenny Shank named the Boulder Writers' Workshop in her feature on Colorado's literary hot spots for Poets & Writers' Magazine.  Maybe she's biased -- she is one of our instructors -- but we appreciate the mention in such an illustrious publication. We've also been featured in a story in The Daily Camera and received a nod for our work from CBS Denver.

We thank Nicole LeBoeuf-Littleton, member and writer extraordinaire, a thousand times over for featuring our programs in the Boulder Writer Examiner

In addition to all of that, our members have been kind enough to leave us some words of appreciation that make our ears burn.  We'd like to share a few:

"If you want to be a writer, and live in the Boulder area...I can't think of a better group!" — Ben Kowalski

"I love going to the Boulder Writers Workshop meetings. Lori puts together a great program each week, and I learn so much from the critique portions. This group helps me stay focused and connected to my personal goals. I consistently get up early on Saturdays and drive an hour each way to attend. Since I hate getting up in the morning, and I hate to drive, I can't give the group any higher praise! " — Judy Rose

"This was a wonderful experience. Everyone was supportive and encouraging. I really enjoyed meeting other writers, some of whom are where I am, and many of whom have much more experience. I walked away with a bunch of excellent suggestions, resource leads, and a few things to work on." — Ginnie Duran

"Great to know there is a resource like this in Boulder." — Susan Osborn

"I enjoyed my first meeting. I liked the round robin setting and how organized the meeting was. I was impressed with Lori's professional and yet lay back and friendly demeanor which contributed to the overall atmosphere." — Karen Spears Kucera Hontz

"This group includes writers gifted and experienced in a variety of genres and some folks who are knowledgeable about various aspects of the business end of writing. The variety of opinions and cumulative expertise makes the critiques and shared information useful. The general irreverence adds a welcome note of play and the atmosphere is generally friendly. It's a great way to focus energy on writing." — Barbara Snow

"It's a great way to meet other budding writers and share ideas about what makes good and interesting writing. " — Ellen Wilkin

"I feel exceedingly fortunate to have found such a professional set of group members. They are both kind and sharp in spotting what makes a piece of writing work and possible next-steps for writers to take toward improvements. " — Craig Yager

"Absolutely fabulous presentation by Sara Megibow. I was mesmerized the whole time. Thank you Sara for sharing your expertise and valuable time, and as always, thank you Lori for bringing us some of the best speakers ever." — Susan S.

"I love these workshops. I have learned so much in just a couple of months and Lori is a great coach and is easy to connect with. The group is dynamic, thoughful and encouraging! " — Luz Helena Florez

"Great range of discussions; interesting and interested people." — Karen Douglass

"Good summary of how/why we procrastinate as humans. Liked your exercises for getting into focus, especially the the centering exercise." — Trisha Bosack

"This was a very good introduction to the topic. The speaker was warm and engaging, willing to answer all questions." — Karen Galvin