Delicate Ministrations is a collection of literary delectations, loving ministrations, and fabulous words, being stories science fictional, literary, fantastical, and fay. These eleven short tales by author J.L. Forrest introduce us to alienated world travelers, estranged families, deep-space explorers, broken hearts, murderers, damaged detectives, ministerial agents, humanity after humanity, a fivesome of fancy foxes, a robot named Franklin, a crime-stopping cat, and wonders from beyond. Honest Indie reviews says, "As speculative fiction is meant to do, Forrest's stories put Faulkner's 'eternal verities' of love, honor, courage and compassion on bold display, gems in ring settings of the bizarre, dramatic and even frightening. These are great stories from a writer who knows the techniques of good writing and infuses them with heart, soul, insight and a fearful imagination."

As a professional member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, J.L. Forrest’s stories also appear in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Crossed Genres’ Fierce Family, Robot Cowgirl’s Alien Abduction, and elsewhere. He is the author of multiple novels, including A Requiem Dawn. To learn more about J.L. Forest and his books, visit his website at