Madman of La Mancha is a stage-play that aims to update Don Quixote for our post-9/11 times. It uses sixteen choice scenes to demonstrate how Cervantes’s great novel is interlaced with the Christian-Muslim hostilities that characterized his age (1547-1616). Diane de Armas Wilson's adaptation shows how Cervantes himself—a captive in Muslim Algiers for five years—chose to make an Arabic historian into the “true author” of Don Quixote. This stage-play affords audiences with a fresh take on the antics of literature’s most endearing madman.


About the Author

Diana WilsonDiana de Armas Wilson is a retired Denver University Professor Emerita, with an appointment in Renaissance Studies. She is a bilingual Latina. She holds a current NEH grant, and her latest publication is an English translation of a 1570s Spanish chronicle of captivity in Ottoman Algiers (An Early Modern Dialogue with Islam, Notre Dame UP, 2011). She is the sole editor of the latest Norton Critical Edition of Don Quixote and the author of four scholarly books on Cervantes. She has just finished a stage play titled Madman of La Mancha (unpublished but under copyright). She has given keynote talks at various American universities, in Costa Rica, and in Oxford, England. Most recently she has been invited to give papers in Barcelona, Algiers, and Istanbul. She is a widow and the mother of four daughters.