Susu Vieira is a life-long learner and adventurer. She enjoys being physically active in the great outdoors—hiking, dancing, skiing, and playing in the ocean. She holds a bachelor of science in business administration from Oregon State University.

Susu owned and operated restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii, for 20 years, before changing direction after going through a divorce. She went back to college to study interior design and the fine arts at the age of 43. With the help of the OSU business administration degree she earned in 1981, she started her own small interior-design company and became creatively involved with the upscale world of real estate in Honolulu.

After her two sons grew up and left home, Susu moved from her homeland of Hawaii to the Mainland, where she found her own slice of heaven in Colorado. At the age of 50, she bravely entered the world of online dating and, over the course of five years, went on hundreds of dates, with over 200 men, across several states. In order to tell the story of her online-dating escapades, she decided to write her own unique “how to” memoir, He Loves Me Knot,  and become a published author.

Susu makes her home in beautiful Colorado, near her two favorite men in the world: her sons.

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