Break the Stage tells the story of Tia Lewis, a troubled teen at an urban Florida high school, who struggles to win her father’s approval and the respect of her step team, only to discover she must confront her own faults before she can lead the team to the Nationals. Tia’s journey of self-discovery includes an ensemble cast of multi-racial high school students, each with their own personal issues, who clash with Tia’s style and her inability to deal with the death of her mother and her father’s unrealistic expectations.

About the Author

ErikVWolterErik V. Wolter is a full time author and screenwriter. The former AP Government and Politics teacher from Winter Park, Florida moved to Boulder in January, 2014 with his wife, Nancy, and their two dogs.

Erik’s first book, Loyalty on Trial: One American’s Battle with the FBI, is a nonfiction historical documentation of a paranoid America during WWII when German Americans were prosecuted, persecuted and stalked for imagined disloyalty resulting in arbitrary internment and deportation, including children.  Erik’s screenplay adaptation of Loyalty on Trial was a Finalist in the historical category of the 2012 Page Awards.

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Two years ago, Erik was hired to write a novel and screenplay for Fishers of Men Entertainment and Break the Stage Productions. The book, Break the Stage, will be available fall 2014. The movie of the same name is cast and will go into production late 2014.

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